List of Characters

The nature of my endeavor requires that I provide you with a glossary of characters and references. Apiarist terminology will be taught as we go, since those sorts of things make much more sense in context. Enjoy. 

The Happys - Happy and Mr. Happy proper, so named by my three year old. The owners of the back yard in which the hive resides. Solid friends and all around joys.
The Eagle and Child - the name I have given my hive. So named for the pub in which the Inklings met. 
Grandpa Joe - My husband's paternal grandfather and mastermind carpenter behind the construction of the hive. In lieu of a photograph, I have an image that accurately reflects how I feel about the fact that he is pretty confident that it's "...just as easy to build you one beehive as two or three or four." He looks nothing like this. He has very little hair and is usually smiling. 
The Original Honeyhounds - Geddy Lee (Yes, Rush fans, that Geddy Lee) and L.B. Geddy is a Doberman mix and L.B. is a pit bull mix. 

Geddy Lee 
When I add new characters, I will amend this glossary and notify you, faithful reader.  The next post with be concerning how bees make honey because there have been several folks accusing me of making the honey. I don't make the honey. I steal the honey in a strategic manner. I will also include a list of plants native to Louisville that you can encourage or plant to give the ladies some help.


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